Saint Matthew Catholic Church

Twenty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time September 14, 2014

Mass Schedule

9:00 am
4:00 pm Vigil
8:30    am
10:00 am
11:30  am
1:00    pm Spanish
6:00   pm
8:30  am
Holy Day of Obligation
7:00  pm Vigil
8:30  am
7:00 pm

Eucharistic Minister and Lector Schedule

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Here at At Saint Matthew Catholic Church our Pastor, James A. Quinn, along with all of the assisting Priests; Fr. Jim Nero, OFM, Fr. Julio Estada, Fr. Robert Vallee, Fr. Jairo Tellez wish to extend to you a warm welcome. Whether you live in the Hallandale, Florida area, are just visiting or are of other religions persuasions, know that you are always welcome at St. Matthew. Established on March 11, 1959, we have a long history of serving our community. Our ministries range from being deeply spiritual to strictly fun. Join our new daily meditation program, help the homeless, play bingo or attend a social, St. Matthew will have something to offer you. Our 1000 registered families come from diverse backgrounds, joining together in all aspects of our Parish life. Our schedule of Masses includes a Mass in Spanish. Masses on Holy Days are offered as bi-lingual. At St. Matthew our arms are open to all and we look forward to seeing you. We are located just one block South of East Hallandale Beach Boulevard, just behind the Publix Shopping Center. Please feel free to browse our website for more information on our Parish, the services offered and opportunities to become involved.

Saint of the Day

September 16


In the middle of the third century, the Church was still being persecuted. The fierce persecution of Emperor Decius claimed the life of Pope St. Fabian. The Church was without a pope for nearly a year. A holy priest of Rome, Cornelius, was elected in 251. He accepted because he loved Christ. He would serve the Church as pope even if his ministry would cost him his life.

That is why Pope Cornelius was so greatly admired throughout the world. The bishops of Africa were especially outspoken in their love and loyalty to the pope. Bishop Cyprian of Carthage sent him letters of encouragement and support. Cyprian had been a convert at the age of twenty-five.

He had astonished the Christians of Carthage by pledging a vow of perpetual chastity right before his baptism. He had eventually become a priest and in 249 a bishop. Bishop Cyprian greatly encouraged Pope Cornelius by reminding him that during the present persecution in Rome not a single Christian had given up the faith. St. Cyprian’s writings explain the love that Christians should have for the whole Church.

This love should be for the pope as well as for the local diocese and parish. Cyprian wrote a scholarly work on the unity of the Church. This remains an important topic for all times, including our own. Pope St. Cornelius died in exile at the port of Rome in September, 253.

Because he suffered so much as pope, he is considered a martyr. St. Cyprian died five years later during the persecution of Valerian. He was beheaded at Carthage on September 14, 258. Together they share a feast day to remind us of the unity that the Church should always enjoy. This unity is a mark of the presence of Jesus who is the Center.

Let us pray for unity among people of different cultures, races, nations, and religions.

Meditative Thought
We need not fear to be puffed with the knowledge of what God has done for us, if we keep well before us the truth that whatever good there may be in us, is not of us. Though a mule is laden with the precious treasures of a prince, is it not still a clumsy, filthy beast? — St. Francis de Sales

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Saturday 3:00 p.m.
also by appointment
(Third) Saturdays 10:30 am
En Espanol: Los Segundo y el Cuarto Sabados del Mes a las 10:30 am
By appointment with a priest. Please make
arrangements six months
in advance.


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